Why Besti?

Like your typical working mom, I was too busy to prioritize my own needs. Most months I'd start my period without any supplies. One evening I asked my husband to get me night pads and chocolate from the store. He returned with adult diapers (he really had no clue).

As I sat there eating the chocolate in my adult diaper, tears running down my face, I knew there had to be a better way. Why couldn't I get everything I needed and wanted, set to arrive exactly when I needed it?

And that's when the lightbulb went off.

Here's what Besti is all about:

  • creating space to rest
  • opting for healthy versions of the snacks we crave
  • upping our self care regime
  • commiserating the woes of PMS with our best friends

Our aim is that you'll never have to experience my adult diaper moment. We encourage you to prioritize taking care of yourself when your body needs it most. I can't wait to curate a personalized Besti box just for you – filled with care and tailored to your needs.


What's in a Besti box?

  • Organic menstrual products

    You'll get organic pads, tampons and liners in every box. Our menstrual products are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, so you can trust that you're giving your body the care it deserves.

  • Spa-quality self care products

    We also include spa grade self-care items to help you pamper yourself during your cycle. Every month, we curate luxurious items like face masks, bath salts, and nutrient-rich serums to help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

  • Snacks to satisfy cravings

    Your customized box is designed to help you feel your best during your period. And no Besti Box would be complete without delicious snacks to satisfy your cravings.  

At Besti, our goal is to make a positive impact.

Not only do we want to provide a service that will benefit you, but we want to weave our philosophy to be a great besti in every aspect of our business.

We are proud to partner with Workwell Industries, an organization based in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, KY who is committed to creating jobs for people with disabilities or others who may experience barriers to employment

Our subscription boxes are assembled by Workwell Industries. When you subscribe to Besti, you are helping create year-round employment opportunities in an underserved community. 

We also offer carbon-neutral shipping on every order by investing in Planet, a fund for innovative work across a spectrum of environmental agencies who are tackling climate issues across the globe. 

As we grow, we are committed to exploring more ways to create a positive impact. Thank you for being a part of this journey so that we all can thrive!

(Being a new company, our commitment to improvement is unwavering. We're all ears, so please share your thoughts with us. Your input is truly valued!)