Alright, guys, today we're diving into a topic that's not always the easiest to tackle but is absolutely worth it: helping the women in our lives deal with PMS. So grab your cold brew coffee and your notepad and let's learn why being kind and supportive during this phase is a total game-changer.

So, PMS – it's a wild mix of physical, emotional, and mental changes. Picture mood swings, bloating, and a general rollercoaster of feelings. But remember, this isn't drama; it's biology.

Why Being Kind Is the New Black: In the ever-evolving world of modern relationships, being the guy who understands and supports his partner or daughter during PMS is a major win. Leveling up your support game isn’t hard, and we’re dropping some epic tips on how to do it right:

  • Ear on Alert: Seriously, sometimes she just needs you to listen, no fixing required. Be the ear she needs.
  • Comfort King: Brew up her fave tea, toss a comfy blanket her way, or give a killer backrub – you're the king of comfort.
  • Patience: The Ultimate Virtue: Hold up, her emotions might be running wild. Patience saves the day, trust me.
  • No Trigger Zone: Steer clear of those topics that could set off an emotional explosion. Smooth sailing.
  • Team Chores: Step up on the chores front, man. Helping out is like a superhero move during PMS.
  • Kind Surprises: Little surprises score big points in the "Thoughtful Dude" department. That’s where Besti comes in.

Sending a Besti Box is a simple yet meaningful way to acknowledge and empower the women in your life during a time when they could use a little extra care. By sending a subscription box, you're not just giving her products – you're giving her comfort and consideration. 

Remember, it's not just about making her life easier; it's about making your connection stronger. Your understanding and support? Well, that's the real MVP move. By showing your partner or daughter you get the PMS struggle, you're not just winning relationship points, you're proving you're a top-notch partner or dad.

To make it easy, we’ve prepared a box with a little bit of everything. Present this and watch her PMS stress dissolve as she enjoys some much-needed pampering and delicious snacks. Or you can opt for a gift card and let her choose. Either way, it’s a win for her and a win for you.

Written by Amanda Miah

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PMS care, when you need it most

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